Sympower Partners With Hellemans to Cut Energy Costs Ahead of the Netherlands’ 2030 Climate Goals.

Amsterdam, 18 May 2022Sympower, a leading independent aggregator in demand response, has partnered with a major energy consultancy firm in the Netherlands – Hellemans Consultancy (part of Unica Group), to provide customers with optimised energy strategies. Hellemans aids its clients by making the energy transition affordable through energy procurement strategies and sustainable innovative solutions.


This major partnership will see Sympower’s proprietary demand response (DR) platform be paired with Hellemans DR hardware and asset portfolio, to stabilise electricity networks across the Netherlands. This will enable both companies to optimise the inherent flexibility of the electrical assets of countless Dutch clients. This synergy of physical and digital platforms offers customers the opportunity to capitalise on additional revenue streams while reducing their CO2 footprint.



With its extensive experience in energy consultancy, Hellemans brings a vast portfolio of customers to this partnership. Prospective customers include larger companies in the food processing, medical and educational industries. Thanks to Sympower’s experience as an independent aggregator, smaller businesses can be grouped alongside larger firms to take part in this emerging market. 


For participating customers, Sympower will be able to monitor their energy assets and utilise the flexibility in their processes to maintain a balanced grid. This may involve temporarily suspending energy-intensive operations during energy consumption peaks or extending the duration of these operations when energy consumption is low. This will achieve a better balance of energy supply and demand, all without affecting operational efficiency. This will contribute immensely to creating a more reliable and sustainable energy grid system.


With the energy transition well underway, Sympower’s partnership with Hellemans will further the Netherlands’ goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030. In providing demand response to Dutch customers, not only will a more flexible energy system be realisable, but it will yield greater financial benefits for end-users. This combination will ensure the growing demand for renewable energy sources is easily met in the Netherlands.


Commenting on the new partnership, Sympower’s Founder CEO, Simon Bushell expressed:


“This long-term partnership is an exciting step towards Sympower’s mission. Together with Hellemans Consultancy, we are making balancing services more accessible all across the Netherlands. Not only will this bring added value to customers, it will aid in transitioning to a more sustainable energy system”.


Arjen Leenhouts, director of Hellemans Consultancy stated: 


The energy landscape is constantly shifting. The real challenge is evolving with it to lead this change.”


Sympower now operates in several countries around the globe, including the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Norway. This focus on demand response has resulted in considerable CO2 savings thanks to these grid balancing services. Now, this partnership with Hellemans will further these efforts in the Netherlands and beyond. 


Sympower Contact:

Robert Kuilman
Partner Manager NL


Hellemans Consultancy Contact:

Arjen Leenhouts



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