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Martin Wästljung

Sales Engineer

Flexibility enables the transition to a fully renewable energy system

We help you unlock the value of your flexibility. We do this with electric assets across industries. From steel melting to solar panels, electric vehicles to paper production. We enable our customers to enhance the value of their electrical assets to become more sustainable and enable the global shift from fossil fuels to renewables.

  • 100% independent flex provider
  • Simple to connect your assets to our platform
  • Work with local teams for the best flex support
  • No upfront costs or impact on ongoing operations
Sympower Team

We believe in flexibility

The global energy landscape is changing. The shift towards a carbon-free future not only requires us to adopt renewables, it requires us to use and control energy in a smarter way. We believe flexibility is key to powering a successful energy transition and achieving a 100% renewable energy system.

We believe Climate Change is the biggest challenge of our generation

The Energy Transition is the basis to limit climate change

Flexible dynamic production and smart consumption as key for a successful energy transition

Unlock new revenues with your electrical assets

Our solutions


Power Flex

Making your existing assets smart to unlock flexibility for extra revenues


Solar Flex

Turn your solar panels into smart assets to generate extra revenues with your flexibility

Working with the best, around the world

How we help others

Customer Success Story

How Börje Ivars increased his annual profits by 8% thanks to Sympower

Through participating in grid balancing services, the greenhouse generated increased annual profits by 8%.

The Sympower Platform is at the heart of unlocking flexibility

Olivia Sicurani

Head of Product