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Your assets have energy to spare. Sympower helps you identify, connect and monetise your energy flexibility. Our FlexServices help you to start earning faster!


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Our local experts determine the revenue potential of your assets through our data-driven insights.



Unlock the full potential of your assets by connecting it to our platform, and configuring them to meet your operating needs.



Stay in control with our platform’s real-time reporting, which provides in-depth insights into your assets’ performance.



We maximise the value and efficiency of your assets through daily forecasting and bidding on the balancing market.

How it Works

Demand Response Is the Key to Extra Revenue

Every business has hidden flexibility waiting to be discovered. If your assets don’t need to run at 100% all the time, that flexibility can be sold!

Sympower helps you sell your equipment’s flexibility on energy markets without impacting your core processes.

Why Sympower

Sympower is now a certified B Corp!

A Trusted Platform

Our platform has been used across Europe’s most advanced energy markets for almost a decade and optimised for hundreds of assets across various industries.

A Complete Service

From identifying your flexibility to monetising your equipment on balancing markets, our teams work hand-in-hand with you at every step of the process.

A Local Approach

With experience in dozens of European energy markets, you’re working with locals who understand your industry and assets.


Our B-Corp status guarantees that we act as a force for good. Work with us and help power the sustainable energy transition.

100% Independent

Being 100% independent means that no matter your situation, we ensure your needs come first. Our customers’ interests are our interests.

Unique Insights

Monitor your assets via real-time reporting and optimise their performance.

Why Sympower

A Trusted Platform

We’ve been honing our platform for almost a decade, optimising it for hundreds of assets across countless industries.

A Complete Service

Whether it’s pinpointing opportunities or enhancing processes, we give you the tools to unlock your assets’ full potential.

A Local Approach

With experience in dozens of European energy markets, you’re working with locals who understand your industry and assets.

Unique Insights

Our unique insights allow us to optimise your asset’s performance. Our platform allows you to monitor your assets via real-time reporting.

100% Independent

Being 100% independent means that no matter your situation, we ensure your needs come first. Our customers’ interests are our interests.


Not only are we 100% carbon-neutral, our B-Corp status guarantees that we act as a force for good! Help power the energy transition by working with us!

How Flexible
is Your Industry?

Battery Energy Storage

BESS can be smartly managed by charging and discharging as the grid needs it to. This allows the battery to serve multiple functions, while supporting other assets that are on-site.

Crypto Mines

GPU speed can be lowered during any part of the day to decrease electricity consumption.

When combined with the load of other GPUs, they can be used to balance the grid by running them at lower speeds.

Food Processing

Food processing requires heat, ventilation and cooling storage. The power needed for fans and compressors can be temporarily adjusted without affecting key-processes.

Transport & E-Mobility

Planned charging schedules are used to ensure electric vehicles are always charged. By also planning when these are charged and discharged, they can become useful assets for demand response services.

Data Centers

Data centres have non-urgent electrical operations that can be rescheduled according to the grid’s needs. These can include emergency energy supply, cooling and ventilation processes.

Wood Processing

Wood processing utilises large fans throughout the drying process. The overall speed of these fans can be controlled within a set limit to alter their overall energy use. This allows them to be utilised as an asset for flexibility services.

Pulp & Paper

The energy consumption of both E-boilers and CHP’s can be adjusted, making them perfect candidates for demand response.

Even when recycling pulp and paper, the engines of mixers and compressors of aeration systems are useful assets.

Chemical Industry

At these sites, mixers, and stirrers are constantly in operation. The speed of these mixers can be adjusted without influencing their production, to reduce their power consumption. This makes them a more flexible asset that’s able to take part in demand response.


Lighting can be momentarily turned down or off without impacting the growing process of the crops. The lights can be used as a flexible asset for grid balancing.

Cold Storage

Thanks to the slow change in temperature, the power consumption of cold storage units can be periodically stopped to take part in demand response. The speed of the compressors can be limited, without any changes to the unit’s overall temperature.

Commercial & Buildings

Hotels use HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems for climate control. These can be turned up or down for short periods of time, without altering the guests in the hotel. This makes HVAC systems perfect for grid balancing.

Water Treatment Plants

While aerating treated waste water, the speed of compressor units can be adjusted to limit their power consumption. The flexibility of these compressors can be used to help create a more balanced grid.

Metal Production

Metal production requires a lot of energy through its heat input. This heat is often produced by CHP’s. The energy consumption of CHP’s can be smartly adjusted without impacting overall production while participating in demand response.

Success Stories

See how our customers are leading the energy transition!

“The installation was really easy.

After talking to Sympower about the process, they came and installed everything. I didn’t have to do a thing!

Sympower even called my local electrician to help with the installation”

Hanna Helenius | Piltin Puutarha

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“As we use lots of electrical energy for wood drying, we are always interested in new projects that could save us money.

The installation and operation of Sympower’s solutions have not affected the drying time or quality of our timber. Instead, we use less energy to get the same high-quality dried timber.”

Pasi Lähdelahti | Misawa Homes of Finland

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Smart grids are electricity networks that make use of emerging technologies to sense and respond to change. This means they can continually adjust supply to match demand and keep themselves operational while supplying everything with power.

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Balancing services explained

The differences in demand response – balancing services explained

Demand response services allow independent aggregators, like Sympower, to provide support for participating businesses in order to benefit from financial incentives offered by the Transmission System Operator (TSO).

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