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We are a global expert in demand response, battery energy storage system and energy curtailment.
Through our scalable proprietary platform, we help discover new financial streams through your energy assets.
Grow with the energy transition by unlocking your flexibility with our energy solutions.

Earn Revenue from Your Assets

The global energy landscape is changing fast. The shift towards a carbon-free future requires us to rethink how we use energy. With growing investments in renewables and a boom in electrification, this change is only going to grow.

Sympower provides a sophisticated software solution to ensure that you are ready for the energy transition. By managing a wide range of electrical assets and processes, we guarantee a more versatile energy system. One that can handle the growing demand for electricity, and the introduction of renewables.

But What is Flexibility?

Flexibility is the ability for customers to change the energy production and/or consumption of their electrical assets.

This flexibility allows Sympower to use our sophisticated software solutions to stabilise the grid through demand response and other flexibility services. In turn, our customers get added revenue for their contribution. We unlock the flexibility of electricity assets across many different industries, to maximise their value across energy markets. If the grid is out of balance, we can temporarily adjust the power of machines and processes through our automated platform.

Save Energy to Earn Revenue

Managing the flexibility of the energy consumption of the end-user, based on price signals or incentives, is used to balance out the electricity grid.

Many flexibility services are linked with energy companies and other service providers. This can lead to conflicting interests that don’t always prioritise their customers. Sympower is an independent aggregator; that means we work as independent players. We provide flexibility across a number of markets, with no conflict of interest.

Our customers’ interests are our interests. That’s why we want to create the most value for you. By taking you every step of the way, from installation to monitoring, we guarantee that you earn the most revenue by working with us.




The process is simple


Here our technical engineers look for any potential in our processes and assets.

We’re identifying any sources of reliable energy flexibility


Your flexible assets are then connected to Sympower’s platform via our hardware and cloud integration.

Here we can monitor and control your energy.


After our engineers hook up the communication system, we collect and share your energy data with the market operator.

Now you’ve gained a risk-free revenue stream without any upfront costs, while participating in grid balancing services.

Optimisation and monitoring

By constantly monitoring predicted capacity, price forecasts and market conditions, our platform optimises the bidding strategy to maximise your revenue.

Our customer success stories:

“The collaboration has been effortless and the installations were done quickly and with skill. Pricing is clear.”

Hanna Helenius | Piltin Puutarha

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“Sympower has been fast with implementation and support, so we could get everything ready on time. Both in tests and during operation, Sympower’s system has worked as described and in a safe way.”

Anders Lundquist | Production Engineer Arctic Paper

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“The installation and operation of Sympower’s solutions have not affected the drying time or quality of our timber. Instead, we use less energy to get the same high-quality dried timber.”

Pasi Lähdelahti | Misawa Homes of Finland

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Sympower can provide services in the following industries:

Data Center

Data centres have non-urgent electrical operations that can be rescheduled according to the grid’s needs. These can include emergency energy supply, cooling and ventilation processes.

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Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrency mines require a lot of processing power from GPU’s. GPU speed can be lowered during any part of the day to decrease electricity consumption. When combined with the load of other GPUs, they can be used to balance the grid by running them at lower speeds.

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Pulp & Paper

Pulp and paper production is extremely energy-intensive, requiring both electricity and heat. The heat can be produced on-site by direct-fired boilers or E-boilers. CHP installation is also widely used to produce heat and electricity. The energy consumption of both E-boilers and CHP’s can be adjusted, making them perfect candidates for demand response.

Even when recycling pulp and paper, the engines of mixers and compressors of aeration systems are useful assets. These have enough flexibility to offer on the balancing markets.

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Food Processing

Food processing requires heat, ventilation and cooling storage. The power needed for fans and compressors can be temporarily adjusted without affecting key-processes. Likewise, the power required for CHP’s or E-boiler’s can be adjusted for demand response with no impact on production.

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Hotels & Commercials Buildings

Hotels use HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems for climate control. These can be turned up or down for short periods of time, without altering the guests in the hotel. This makes HVAC systems perfect for grid balancing.

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Transportation / E-mobility

Planned charging schedules are used to ensure electric vehicles are always charged. By also planning when these are charged and discharged, they can become useful assets for demand response services.

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Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

BESS can be smartly managed by charging and discharging as the grid needs it to. This allows the battery to serve multiple functions, while supporting other assets that are on-site.

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Chemical Industry

The heat requirements for the chemical industry are often produced on-site using CHP systems. The electrical output of the CHP can be used in demand response programs. At these sites, mixers, and stirrers are constantly in operation. The speed of these mixers can be adjusted without influencing their production, to reduce their power consumption. This makes them a more flexible asset that’s able to take part in demand response.


Industrial greenhouses require significant amounts of electricity to provide the necessary lighting conditions for plants. Lighting can be momentarily turned down or off without impacting the growing process of the crops. Therefore, the lights can be used as a flexible asset for grid balancing.

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Wood Processing

Wood processing utilises large fans throughout the drying process. The overall speed of these fans can be controlled within a set limit to alter their overall energy use. This allows them to be utilised as an asset for flexibility services.

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Water Treatment Plants

While aerating treated waste water, the speed of compressor units can be adjusted to limit their power consumption. The flexibility of these compressors can be used to help create a more balanced grid.

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Metal Production

Metal production requires a lot of energy through its heat input. This heat is often produced by CHP’s. The energy consumption of CHP’s can be smartly adjusted without impacting overall production while participating in demand response.

Specific processes can also be optimised for demand response. For example, galvanising utilises zinc baths that require heating. This can be briefly interrupted without affecting the galvanising process. Similarly, aluminium production requires a lot of electricity throughout the electrolysis process. The electricity used can be modulated and used as part of demand response services as well.

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Cold Storage

 In cold storage, the temperature of the unit is able to stay consistent for long periods of time. Thanks to this slow change in temperature, their power consumption can be periodically stopped to take part in demand response. The speed of the compressors can be limited, without any changes to the unit’s overall temperature.

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Frequently asked questions

What is demand response and how does it work?

Demand response is a way for your company to lower its energy cost by helping the grid operator balance electricity supply and demand. Whenever there is too much or too little energy in the grid, companies with flexible assets can earn extra revenue by adjusting their electricity consumption or production. Learn more about demand response.

What annual revenue can I expect working with Sympower?

The revenue you earn with Sympower varies considerably depending on the power your assets use and the number of hours of operation throughout the year. As an example, a 10 MW flexible asset in Sweden that is available to participate in balancing markets for 20 hours per day can expect to earn €900,000 in one year.

Do I need to pay any hardware or installation costs?

No, there are no upfront costs when you work with us! After the contract is signed, we will send our specialised electricians to your site and they will take care of the installation, unless you prefer using your own electrician. Sympower will cover the installation costs by taking a % of the revenue generated by your assets after they are live on the balancing markets.

How often will my assets be switched off?

How often your assets are switched off can change considerably depending on the specific market. For example, in the FCR-D market in Sweden, a Sympower asset was activated (i.e. the power consumption was reduced), on average, 20 times per year.

Why should I work with Sympower?

Sympower has been operating in European balancing markets as an independent flexibility services provider for over 7 years. We are active in 10 countries and control more than 750 MW across the world. Sympower’s independence means you’re free to change your energy supplier while still being able to access electricity balancing markets, when you sign a contract directly with us.