Sympower Helps You Earn Sustainability With Your Energy

Sympower’s services are the best solution for commercial & industrial businesses wanting to reduce their CO2 and boost their revenue!

By harnessing your flexibility, we help you monetise your energy assets.

Your Energy, Our Solution

Businesses all over Europe have assets waiting to earn them extra revenue. Our services take you step-by-step through the process.

We identify and harness your asset’s flexibility, then sell it to your local energy market. You simply get paid for your availability. 

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  • A trusted platform
  • Access to locally-based experts
  • Real-time data reporting

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  • Dedicated platform for partners
  • Transparent white label solutions
  • Personalised strategy development & staff training

Global Reach with
a Local Approach

Why Sympower

Sympower is now a certified B Corp!

A Trusted Platform

Trust the platform that’s been tested in Europe’s most advanced energy markets for almost a decade.

A Complete Service

Cut through the complexity of energy markets! Our FlexServices give you the tools to unlock your assets’ full potential.

A Local Approach

With experts in dozens of European energy markets, we have a local approach at a global level.


Not only are we 100% carbon-neutral, our B-Corp status guarantees that we act as a force for good!

100% Independent

Being 100% independent means that no matter your situation, we ensure your needs come first.

Unique Insights

Our platform allows you to monitor your assets via real-time reporting, keeping your finger on the pulse of your assets.

Success Stories

See how our customers are leading the energy transition!

“The installation was really easy.

After talking to Sympower about the process, they came and installed everything. I didn’t have to do a thing!

Sympower even called my local electrician to help with the installation”

Hanna Helenius | Piltin Puutarha

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“As we use lots of electrical energy for wood drying, we are always interested in new projects that could save us money.

The installation and operation of Sympower’s solutions have not affected the drying time or quality of our timber. Instead, we use less energy to get the same high-quality dried timber.”

Pasi Lähdelahti | Misawa Homes of Finland

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