Nancy Kabalt appointed Chair of the Supervisory Board at Sympower


  • Sympower establishes Supervisory Board as they move into 2023
  • Nancy Kabalt appointed as Chair of Sympower’s Supervisory Board alongside board members Anup Jacob and Helmer Schukken


Amsterdam, 09:00 CEST – 1 February 2023 – Sympower has announced that Nancy Kabalt has been nominated as Chair of Sympower’s newly established Supervisory Board, alongside co-members Anup Jacob and Helmer Schukken. 

The Supervisory Board will play a crucial role in the governance and direction of Sympower. Not only will they advise Sympower’s Board of Directors, they will also ensure Sympower is compliant with all regulations, guaranteeing they continue to act with responsibility in all facets of their business. They aim to make the Sympower Leadership Team as successful as possible, in order to help the company achieve their mission of enabling a fully renewable energy system.

The Sympower Team is excited to welcome Nancy Kabalt to the Supervisory Board. With over 20 years in the energy industry, Nancy now works as an interim manager and as a partner at Windkracht 5. She brings a wealth of experience to Sympower from her time at: Nuon (currently Vattenfall), TKI Urban Energy, Formula E-team, Stichting E-laad as well as network operators Alliander and Stedin. Nancy is currently a member of the Supervisory Board for SCW Systems, Fastned, and Ennatuurlijk, placing her at the forefront of Europe’s green transition.

Commenting on her new position, Nancy Kabalt, said:

“As the Chair of the Sympower Supervisory Board, I truly believe that we can make a difference to Europe’s energy industry. Not only does Sympower have a solution that will drive Europe’s energy transition, but it is supported by an international team of highly passionate individuals.”

Alongside Nancy, Sympower’s newly formed Supervisory Board is made up of Anup Jacob and Helmer Schukken. Both are managing partners at Activate Capital and Rubio Impact Ventures, respectively. Both were contributors to the €25 million that Sympower realised in 2022, alongside three other investors: PDENH, Rockstart and Expon Capital.

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