STOCKHOLM – 01.09.2019 On the 8th of May 2019 the Swedish Transmission System Operator (TSO) Svenska Kraftnät opened up the market for FCR (Frequency Containment Reserves) for consumers with a flexible electricity consumption in Sweden. Electricity consumers in Sweden are now, thanks to the partnership between Vattenfall and Sympower, able to sell their flexibility to Svenska Kraftnät.


During the spring and summer of 2019, Sympower’s team from both the Netherlands and Finland have worked closely together with Vattenfall to introduce the balancing services to the Swedish consumers. “The response from the consumers has been encouraging,” says Sympower Account Manager Oscar Karlsson and Technical Manager Jarmo Saari from Sympower Finland. “During our travels around Sweden, we’ve met with many representatives from various industries. The interest in Sympower’s work and the benefit it has to both the consumers own business and to the transition towards a sustainable energy system is great”.


Expanding services to the Swedish market aligns with Sympower’s vision and mission – to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-free future by solving the challenge of balancing the grid in a sustainable energy system. Sweden has committed to reduce emissions by 63% by 2030 and to have zero net emissions by 2045 (compared to 1990) and to reach 100% renewable electricity production by 2040. To meet these goals, the need to include flexible resources in the energy system is urgent.


“The potential for balancing services in Sweden is great,” says Sympower’s Business Development Manager – and first employee in Sweden, Anders Tonhammar Lööf. “As the market just recently opened up, Sympower and Vattenfall work together with Svenska Kraftnät to form the future of demand response on the Swedish power grid. The opportunity to join Sympower at this stage is motivating, both on a personal level and also for the benefit of future generations. There’s a lot of work to be done in the near future and to be able to achieve the full potential, Sympower Sweden is looking for an Implementation Manager to join the Swedish team in Stockholm. You can read more about the job openings and apply for the role through our careers page.”


Anders Tonhammar Lööf