Sympower joins the B Corp community 

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We are proud to announce that we have become a certified B Corp. The B Corp label certifies that a business meets very high standards for social and environmental performance.

Certified B Corps are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. We were born with the environmental mission to help accelerate the energy transition. As a company that is striving to make a positive impact even more broadly than this, we are very proud to join the B Corp directory to increase our broader positive impact on society and on the environment.


Becoming a B Corp


To become a B Corp, an organisation is assessed across multiple areas of its business (corporate governance, employment policies, impact on local communities, customer relations and environmental protection) and must score a minimum number of points. The assessment is verified in detail by B Corp staff, which requests further documentation from the organisation to back up its answers and verifies that they are eligible to certify. Every three years, companies must renew their certification, which ensures that the company stays focused on continuous improvement. 


Why we are certified 


Certifying as a B Corp is a very detailed and rigorous process, which encourages companies to take a 360° view of its impact on the environment and society. To us, rather than being status or just a label, B Corp is a framework for the improvements we can make to our existing policies and processes to improve our impact on the environment and society. For example, the Workers section has helped us formalize our policies and processes in our Team Handbook, and the Environment section has helped us shape and implement our CO2 emission removal strategy and we are continuously working on improving these. 


Plans going forward  


We have decided to become a B Corp to protect our mission and have guidance to make further improvements across multiple impact areas. We have specifically chosen the B Corp certification for its holistic nature, as it is not focused exclusively on a single social or environmental issue.  

We are currently certifying with 84.5 points (more information here in the B Corp directory) and are already working hard to score higher during the recertification in a few years.   


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