Sympower Goes Live In Greece’s Balancing Markets

  • Sympower is the first independent flexibility aggregator to go live in Greece’s balancing markets
  • 37MW of capacity has been established with Greek businesses
  • Sympower has partnered with multiple leading industrial companies within Greece

Sympower has become the first independent aggregator to go live in Greece’s balancing markets after securing 37MW of capacity with multiple international businesses within the industrial sector, placing Sympower at the forefront of the market. 

With the opening of Greece’s balancing markets, businesses across the country can now save on their energy costs during a time of uncertain energy prices. As an aggregator, Sympower pools the energy flexibility of these businesses and offers it via balancing markets. Not only does this ensure a more stable grid, it creates new revenue streams for Greek businesses to capitalise on. 

After receiving the licence to participate in Greece’s balancing markets in October 2022, Sympower is one of the first aggregators to go live after gaining approval from the Greek TSO. The industrial leaders that Sympower is now working with have guaranteed 37MW of capacity for Greece’s balancing markets. This has defined Sympower as a prominent player within Greece and the wider European energy sector.    

This brings Sympower’s total capacity to over 1GW of flexibility across European grids, by harnessing the energy flexibility of multiple industries such as: metal production, pulp and paper mills, battery energy storage systems, e-mobility, water treatment, and food processing. It has been providing flexibility services across European markets for almost a decade, thanks to its AI-driven platform. 

With major industry players now seeing the potential of these flexibility services (also known as demand-side flexibility), Sympower is able to offer its expertise to the emerging Greek market. Not only do they gain access to new revenue streams, they are also helping to jump-start the energy transition in Greece, and the rest of the EU. As an independent aggregator, Sympower ensures it works in the best interest of these customers; a reason why it has established itself as a leading flexibility provider across the continent.

Commenting on this, Sympower’s Greece Commercial Manager, Kostas Athanasopoulos, said:

“Going live in Greece is both an achievement for Sympower and the country’s energy sector. I am extremely grateful for the support from Greece’s major industries, who have placed immense trust in the expertise of myself and the rest of the Sympower Team. We want to continue establishing our presence in the market, and help businesses earn more for their energy” 

As Europe transitions to a more robust energy system, harnessing the benefits of demand-side flexibility has become key to creating an independent energy future for Europe. Sympower continues to expand to other countries across Europe, and is helping to create a truly sustainable energy system.


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