How to Grow with the Energy Transition

What is the Energy Transition?


The climate crisis is set to rapidly change our world, and our energy systems are no different. The energy transition is a shift from fossil fuels (gas, coal, and oil) to renewable energy sources (like wind, solar and hydro). 

But this dramatic change requires a global effort to develop the systems necessary to adopt these renewable energy sources.  A collective effort is needed to ensure that the transition is as successful as possible.


The Energy Transition has Already Begun


The energy transition isn’t a utopian goal. It’s happening right now. In Europe, renewable energy represents 22.1% of energy consumed across the entire EU. While there’s a long way to go, industry and policy support are ensuring that the energy transition is well underway. 

The EU has recognised the need for change, and has set into motion the European Green Deal. This will see no net emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) by 2050. Paired with this are initiatives like the clean energy for all package, which aims to rapidly divest fossil fuels from Europe’s energy system.

Businesses have also started to take charge to uphold their social responsibility. The RE100 coalition is a group of over 370 companies committed to achieving 100% reliance on renewable energy. These include companies like Airbnb, Apple, Microsoft, LEGO, Philips, Sony, and many more.  

All of this rapid change needs new technology to decarbonise our energy systems and switch to renewables. That’s why venture capitalists are investing in renewable technologies and renewable start-ups. 


Renewable energy

Energy Generation


The energy transition describes the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Decarbonising our energy generation is the most important step in this transition. Huge investments are being made to ensure that existing fossil fuel plants are replaced with wind and solar power. But it also comes with its challenges. 

There’s a problem with renewable energy. Unlike their polluting counterparts, renewables don’t offer a steady output of energy. We can’t always guarantee there will be sun and wind to draw power from. This leads to an unbalanced grid, and eventually blackouts. 

The simple solution is to invest in smart grid technology and flexibility services that allow the full integration of renewable energy.


Smart Grids


Part of the EU commission’s goals for the energy transition is to develop a fully integrated, interconnected and digitalised EU energy market. These smart grids transfer information alongside energy, creating a more adaptable and versatile energy system

They require technological solutions to create an energy system that can adapt to the growing demand for renewables. And while this change won’t be visible to most people, their impact will be felt by creating a more robust energy system.

Flexibilty services

Flexibility Services


Both the adoption of renewables, and the development of smart grids couldn’t be possible without flexibility services. These are services that aim to help balance demand and supply of our electricity grids. Not only do these services accommodate the adoption of renewables, they help to deal with the growing electrification around the world.


How to Prepare for the Energy Transition?


With all the change that the energy transition is bringing, technologies are shifting and evolving every day. Businesses can prepare for the energy transition, and evolve alongside our energy systems. By actively participating in flexibility services, commercial and industrial firms can benefit from the changes of the energy transition and get ahead.

One of the easiest ways to join the energy transition is through flexibility services. Flexibility services like demand response allow firms to have a greater role in supporting our energy systems. Not only do they make for a more robust energy system, it gives firms greater insight into how their energy is used.

When working with independent aggregators like Sympower, there are no start-up costs. Demand response harnesses the energy of industrial and commercial machinery, to create a more stable energy grid. Participating firms then receive compensation for their contribution, and can save on energy costs.



Sympower is dedicated to creating a fully renewable energy system. We are the energy experts with years of experience in demand response and flexibility optimisation. Our goal is to turn the potential of your energy assets into extra revenue for you. We provide the technical expertise, all while you stay in control.


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