Sympower Meets with Industry Leaders At Enlit 2022

Last week, Sympower attended one of the leading energy fairs in Europe: Enlit 2022. The fair brings together industry experts, innovative technology and ground-breaking projects that are all driving the energy transition. This was an opportunity for Sympower’s international team of experts to engage with players from across Europe

With experts from Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Spain present, the Sympower team aimed to showcase the importance of demand response to Europe’s energy industry. With the energy crisis being felt by everyone, Sympower’s flexibility services could not only offer cost-saving solutions for businesses across Europe, but offer greater energy security for the continent during these uncertain times.

Enlit interviewees

Sympower’s Founder and CEO, Simon Bushell said:

“Being able to attend fairs like Enlit gives us a unique opportunity to meet face to face with people from all over Europe. It’s an opportunity for connection. Not only with current and future partners, but also with other leaders of the energy transition. It’s an important reminder that we are all working together towards a common goal.”

Sympower not only met with a variety of future partners, but also interviewed a number of industry leaders, discussing the importance of flexibility and demand response for the energy transition. These interviews captured the thoughts of Europe’s most innovative minds, focusing on the future of Europe’s energy industry. These people included Michael Villa the Executive Director at SmartEn, Jon Ferris the Head of Flexibility and Storage at LCP Delta, and Jacopo Tosoni the Head of Policy at EASE, alongside many more.

Sympower hopes that these interviews will not only help to educate people on the importance of demand-side flexibility, but also inspire other industry leaders to take bolder action to meet our collective climate goals.

Take a look at one of our interviews in the Enlit 2022 series:

Sympower is dedicated to creating a fully renewable energy system. We are the energy experts with years of experience in demand response and flexibility optimisation. Our goal is to turn the potential of your energy assets into extra revenue for you. We provide the technical expertise, all while you stay in control.

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