Cleaning Up Our Operational Waste: Sympower Goes Carbon Neutral

Sympower goes carbon neutral

Sympower was born with the mission to accelerate the energy transition and enable a sustainable world. Rather than relying on fossil-fuel plants, we create a sustainable supply of flexible energy for our power grids. This also helps to prevent further CO2 emissions by facilitating the integration of more renewable energy resources into the energy system and promoting energy efficiency. 

Even though our services lead to significant CO2 savings, it does not mean we can ignore the emissions we generate as a company. We find it important to calculate our CO2 emissions to be aware of their main contributors, decrease them, and remove those emissions that we cannot avoid. 

In 2021, we started our collaboration with Klimate to permanently remove our operational emissions every year, as well as making carbon removal a part of Sympower’s journey moving forward. 

While this was a big step for the company, we did not want to stop there. With the support of our entire team, we decided to take our climate action further and remove all of our historical emissions dating back to our foundation year of 2015.

Commenting on this collaborating, CEO & Founder of Sympower, Simon Bushell said:

“Working with Klimate doesn’t just help us reduce our negative impact on the world, it pushes us to critically reflect on our actions. In order to reduce our carbon emissions, we have to know how much we’re emitting and from where these emissions come from. The emissions that we are not able to prevent, we remove. In the end, Klimate is helping us achieve our goal of being a more conscious company, focused on our responsibilities towards the environment and future generations.”

Simon Bushell, CEO & Founder, Sympower

Simon Bager, Co-founder & Chief Impact Officer at, on the importance of carbon removal

Carbon Removal Process

Unlike other companies operating in the same field, Klimate does not offer CO2 emissions compensation (credits from renewable energy installations, clean cookstoves, or other projects that prevent future emissions). Instead, Klimate focuses on carbon removal.
This means they: 

  • Actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Store the CO2
  • Prevent it from being re-emitted

The services offered by Klimate allow companies to align their removal strategy with the Science-Based Targets initiative and are based on the Oxford Offsetting Principles.

Commenting on their services, Co-founder & Chief Impact Officer at, Simon Bager said:

“For us, it is really important to work with a company that is already climate and sustainability aware and wants to make an impact. Sympower was one of our first clients that made a commitment to do this as a whole, as a company, and we see you as a good example of what you can do when you want to take ambitious climate action within the carbon removal space.”

Simon Bager, Co-founder & Chief Impact Officer,

To remove all emissions dating back to the founding of our company, we decided to stick to our initial permanent portfolio. This portfolio invests exclusively in carbon removal methods with a permanence of at least 100 years, with some of the portfolio having a permanency of millennia. 

The four removal methods of the permanent portfolio are Biochar (heating waste biomass to turn it into Biochar which, applied to soils, stores carbon for a long time), Bio-Oil (locking carbon up by heating up biomass and then storing it underground), Direct Air Capture (using large fan-like machines to pull CO2 directly out of the atmosphere), and BECCS (the burning of biomass to create carbon-neutral bioenergy, and capturing the CO2 produced).

Read more on our carbon removal process here.


Our collaboration with will continue in the coming years to ensure that our future emissions are removed through their services so that we remain a Net Zero company. This title commits us to monitor, reduce and remove the unavoidable parts of our future yearly emissions. Our B Corp status holds us to the highest verified performance, accountability, and transparency standards across social and environmental impact areas. Monitoring and decreasing our operational emissions, while removing the unavoidable ones, is a fundamental part of this. 

Simon Bager on the collaboration between Sympower &

Climate scientists agree that to meet ambitious climate targets, carbon removal needs to become the norm, not an exception. This has been taken on board through a proposal that would make carbon removal the norm in EU carbon removal legislation. Apart from the direct positive effects of reliable carbon removal services on the atmosphere, there is also an often overlooked by-product:investing in the credible and proven solutions that Klimate offers, helps scale them even faster. By acting as pioneers in the carbon removal market, we support these technologies and help drive prices down, making them more accessible and appealing.


Sympower is dedicated to creating a fully renewable energy system. We are the energy experts with years of experience in demand response and flexibility optimisation. Our goal is to turn the potential of your energy assets into extra revenue for you. We provide the technical expertise, all while you stay in control.

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