Meet Sympower’s COO

As the new Chief Operating Officer, Jan-Joost plans to make an impact by seeking to get the best out of the people at Sympower and ensuring that we (as a company) are able to deal with the growth that is there. Jan-Joost highlighted that the former would be crucial as Sympower has a product whose value is already proven in multiple countries and across different markets, thus laying a great foundation to start  and give rooms to do more in the future. 
Throughout my career I’ve been focusing on improvements and on making things better. Making processes and systems more efficient. Making people better by developing them. Making the business scaleable 
When asked more about his role, Jan-Joost recalls that similar to his experience in the past, as a Chief Operating Officer he often had to focus on improvements that is achieved through the development of people alongside making processes and systems more efficient. Jan-Joost also deals with a task that is perhaps becoming increasingly important, as Sympower launches into new countries, that is making sure that the business is scaleable and is able to deal with the growth that it is facing, nationally and internationally.
I use my background in operational research to create more efficiency in companies
Jan-Joost also comments on some of his first few impressions on Sympower, as he remarks that for him the people and the company gives off a feeling of warmth. But he also notices that amongst the people in Sympower there is also a visible drive to make things better for the world, the company, the employees and for the greater good –that is making the world more sustainable.


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