How is a typical day at Sympower?

We asked some of our team members at Sympower to describe how does a normal day at Sympower look like. Our Operations Analyst  Irene Almenar, illustrates that some of her common tasks includes understanding how the energy forecast will look like for the coming days and checking that in terms of operations, everything is working. 



Others such as our Sales Lead in Sweden, Anders Tonhammer Lööf also highlights that a part of his day includes maintaining communication with colleagues from other Sympower offices as he remarks that he has to spend quite some time on the phone to help our Finnish colleagues with business related issues. 

Whereas our Finnish Key Account Manager, Oscar Karlsson, is often occupied by spending a few days traveling to customers locations as it is a major part of his role to keep a close look on resources and instalment of hardwares.

There is no real typical day because it can vary quite much 

Despite having different roles, there is one thing that everyone at Sympower could probably agree on in regards to  the nature of their working days, and that as said by Tonhammer Loöf is how a day at Sympower varies quite much, suggesting that there is no real typical day. Our Technical Sales Engineer, Rosario Llenas also made a remark on this as she praises that variation is the best. 

Variation is the best, right?


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