AEB and Sympower to jointly develop an AI-based smart energy platform


The heat domain offers great potential in the Netherlands for flexibility to accelerate the energy transition, as stated in the recent report ‘Het Energiesysteem van de Toekomst’ (TenneT – Dutch grid operator – et al.).


Sympower and AEB (Amsterdam’s waste-to-energy plant) share the ambition to unlock this flexibility in the heat domain by developing a smart energy platform: HeatFlex.aiUsing artificial intelligence (AI), the platform dispatches electricity, heat and steam in the most efficient and sustainable way.


This is part of Sympower’s partner strategy in the Netherlands: with AEB, mobility with LeaseplanEnergy, and more to come.


Dutch energy magazine Energeia interviewed Rob van Ommen (AEB) and Dirk-Jan Middelkoop (Sympower) on how uses algorithms to optimize over different energy streams in the system. Read the full article here (in Dutch).


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