How to Unlock Your Flexibility with Sympower’s Demand Response Platform

When it comes to the energy transition, everyone wants to have an impact. Thankfully, energy users are becoming key players in the transition towards a sustainable power system. Through demand response, we can create a more robust energy system that’s no longer reliant on fossil fuels. Here the flexibility of energy users can be harnessed to make this a reality. Using our demand response platform, we help users to unlock their asset flexibility in 3 key steps:


– Discovery

– Unlocking

– Growth



With these three processes in mind we not only create a more flexible grid system, we guarantee lower energy costs for our users who can earn revenue for their energy assets. So, let’s see how to contribute to the future of sustainable energy.





Before users are able to capitalise on the benefits of demand response, we first have to discover the flexibility of all their assets. Whether big or small, all energy users have assets with inherent flexibility. 


Working Independently 

As an independent aggregator, Sympower doesn’t work with transmission system operators or energy suppliers. Our interests lie with our clients to create the most meaningful impact. Whether they’re a small independent business or an industrial leader, we manage their assets to benefit them and the planet.


Flexibility Intake

It’s a little industry secret, but nearly all energy assets are flexible. We’ll scan entire asset portfolios to figure out how flexible they are, and identify their potential value. This isn’t limited to big energy users either. If small businesses want to take part in demand response, Sympower will pool the assets of similar businesses to legitimise the impact they can have. This is how the journey towards demand response begins.



Once we identify all assets, we connect them to our software platform via hardware and cloud integration. Here our sophisticated software makes adjustments to the electricity consumption of different assets, ensuring a stable grid and increased revenue for our customers. 


Unlimited Flexibility

The Sympower platform is designed to connect with any electrical assets our customers have. Anything from solar panels and electric vehicles, to steel smelting and paper production. All of them are able to connect to our platform via cloud-to-cloud software. 


Stay in Control

Using the account page via our Flex portal, users can make their assets as flexible as they want. We give users the freedom to add, lower, change or even postpone the power production and consumption of their assets. We then define the optimal strategy so that they can maximise their revenue. Users stay in control 24/7 while we do the hard work. 



Once the flexibility of energy assets have been unlocked, users are granted a number of financial benefits. Not only do these incentivise greater flexibility, they encourage a more sustainable energy system. 


Benefits to Growth

Sympower’s demand response platform offers a number of benefits. Not only does it create a reliable grid, it’s also better able to harness the power of renewable energy sources. This flexibility can significantly lower energy costs for our clients, with savings estimates ranging from 10-66%. Not only that, utilities and system operators reward users for their asset flexibility. By using Sympower’s platform, users can gain revenue through demand response. 


Beyond Borders

Our platform doesn’t stop at borders. At Sympower we want to pursue the energy transition, together. That’s why our platform has been designed to scale to new countries and markets all over the globe. Demand response is a key element of this transition, and will require implementation everywhere. Ensuring that electricity devices are as flexible as possible, no matter the location, is how Sympower is pursuing a globally sustainable energy system.


Reimagine your energy strategy with Sympower.



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