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Let’s discover together your flexibility

The benefits of flexibility

Flexibility is a crucial building block for a successful energy transition towards a fully renewable energy system. Flexibility allows us to optimize the current energy system with active balancing production and demand of electricity. With flexibility the investment costs needed to strengthen and adapt the grid for a sustainable future are significantly lowered. This benefits us all through keep transportation and grid tariffs low but also:

  • Lowers the total energy bill
  • Generate extra revenues
  • Reduce the CO2-footprint

But what is flexibility?

In a nutshell flexibility in energy is the option to add, lower change, shift, postpone the production and/or consumption of electricity. An example is that a factory lowers for a short period its production to save energy because the prices are very high, shifting production. Another example is that a cold store cools extra when energy prices are low and switches the cooling off when prices are higher again.

How to generate revenues?

Flexibility is about helping to match the production and demand of power producers and consumers. Whit the price level of electricity as an indicator. With unlocking flexibility you can generate revenues by unlocking flexibility in your assets and processes to use this in different energy markets:

  • Day-ahead/Spot market
  • Intraday market
  • Imbalance
  • Primary Reserve Markets
  • Secondary Reserve Markets
  • Tertiary Reserve Markets

Where to start?

Our experience is that in almost all assets and processes there is (hidden) flexibility waiting to be unlocked. Together we can help discover your flexiblity and provide insights on its value. If you are interested these are the next steps:

  1. Contact, to get to know each other
  2. Flex inventory, for an overview of your processes and assets
  3. Flex benefit calculation, to provide insights on the Flex-value
  4. If interested, we conduct a full flex scan as input for a Flex contract
  5. After signing the contract we connect you to the Sympower Platform
  6. Onboarding, set your business criteria, activation
  7. Start participating in our Flex pool.