Let’s Discover the Flexibility of your Energy Assets

Flexibility is a crucial building block of the energy transition that’s aimed towards a fully renewable energy system. Flexibility ensures the optimisation of the current energy system through balancing the production and demand of electricity. This significantly reduces the investment costs needed to strengthen the grid for a sustainable future. In turn, we all benefit from:


– Lower transportation and grid tariffs

– Lower energy bills

– Extra Revenue

–  A reduced CO2 footprint



What is Flexibility?


To put it simply, flexibility in energy is the option to add, lower, change, shift or postpone the production and/or consumption of electricity. For example, due to high prices a factory may lower its production for a short period to save energy. Or perhaps a cold store will cool for a longer period when energy prices are low, only to switch off cooling when prices are high again. Flexibility can look totally different depending on the assets of the business. What stays the same is the manipulation of asset energy use to meet external requirements.


How does Flexibility Generate Revenue?


Flexibility focuses on matching the supply of producers with the demand of consumers, using the price of electricity as an indicator. Systems like Sympower’s demand response platform can help to unlock the inherent flexibility of energy assets. Through this you can generate revenue by utilising these different energy markets:


– Day-ahead/Spot market

– Intraday market

– Imbalance

– Primary Reserve Markets

– Secondary Reserve Markets

– Tertiary Reserve Markets


Where to Start?


In almost all assets and processes there is hidden flexibility waiting to be unlocked. With the help of Sympower, we can help to discover your flexibility, and unlock the value of your energy assets. If you’re ready to start, follow these steps:


  1. Reach out and get to know each other
  2. Conduct a flex inventory of your processes and assets
  3. Calculate the flex benefit of your processes and assets
  4. If interested, we conduct a full flex scan as input for a flex contract
  5. After signing the contract we connect you to the Sympower platform
  6. Onboarding, set your business criteria, activation
  7. Start participating in our flex pool.


If you want to know more, see what we have to offer here. WIth the help of Sympower, you can unlock the inherent flexibility of your assets to save on costs and earn revenue. 


Unlock your flexibility! Contact us!



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