Jerusalem, Israel: The Israeli Public Utility Authority (PUA), the governmental body responsible for regulating the electricity market, held its annual conference last week (July 16th, 2019). This year’s conference focused on the major reform process the Israeli electricity market is undergoing (notably – the liberalization of the generation and retail sectors, and the establishment of an independent system operator), highlighting the substantial progress made over the past year in expanding the share of renewable energy sources in the generation mix, and discussed the opportunities and challenges of the energy market of the future. Sympower attended the conference along with hundreds of market stakeholders, including the Minister of Energy, heads of the Israeli Electricity Corps, members of the newly founded system operator, and representatives of conventional and renewable electricity generation companies, industries and energy-related technologies.


Sympower was invited to take part in the conference and to present our vision of the future of demand response services and their vital role in transitioning towards a sustainable energy system.


“The Israeli electricity market has started making concrete and vital steps to reach its 2030 greenhouse gas reduction goals, but has still not implemented solutions for one of the greatest challenges: balancing the grid in a sustainable and economical way”

Liav Harel, the Project Development Manager for Sympower.


Said by Liav Harel, the Project Development Manager for Sympower.


“If Israel is to meet the target of at least 17% renewables in the generation mix by 2030, affordable and green solutions need to be implemented to tackle this challenge, and these efforts need to start today. Sympower is delighted to be developing a demand response market alongside key stakeholders which will provide the Israeli grid with clean and affordable flexibility resources that benefit all parties and above all, will benefit the environment.”

Liav Harel, the Project Development Manager for Sympower.