We operate with the best team around the world. With more than 70 people, 25 different nationalities, and active in 9 countries.


Sympower was born in Estonia in 2015. Through the years, we relocated our headquarters to the Netherlands and our Software Engineers team has spread across many more countries, although many of them are still based in Estonia.


In Finland, Sympower works with the local TSO and collaborates with numerous companies across various industries. Our work with the Greenhouse Piltin Puutarha, Misawa Homes of Finland Sawmill and Solarigo, a company building solar power plants, are only a few examples of our successful partnerships.

Interested in working with us in Finland? Contact Oscar Karlsson, our local Business Developer.


With the Greek market opening in the first quarter of 2022, we have setup a Greece-based team that aims to utilize Sympower’s extensive knowledge to help with a smooth transition to a fully renewable energy system.

Want to know more details? Contact our Commercial Manager Kostas Athanasopoulos

We are a mission-driven team, with an international team of 25 different nationalities, active in 9 countries


Sympower is currently expanding its activities to Spain.

For more information contact our Barcelona-based Commercial Manager for Spain, Anna Casas.


After being selected by the Israeli Ministry of Energy to lead and demonstrate the implementation of demand response (DR) and grid balancing services in Israel, Sympower is actively helping to shape the electricity market of the future.

Contact our Business Developer, Nir Gordon for more information.

Sweden and Norway

Sympower’s collaboration with a Swedish energy company, Vattenfall has allowed it to generate a substantial portfolio of customers in the Swedish Frequency Containment Reserve for Disturbances (FCR-D) market, enter the FFR market when it first opened in the region in 2020 and expand its operations to Norway.

For more information on our work in Sweden contact local Expansion Manager, Martin Wästljung

The Netherlands

Amsterdam is Sympower’s international headquarters, as well as the base of our operations in the Dutch market. One of our main local partners is the Dutch grid operator TenneT, as well as many local commercial and industrial companies.

Are you interested in working with us in The Netherlands? Contact our local Sales Engineer Edo Vos.

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