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Learn how to increase your revenue with no added investment.

24th of May at 1:00(CET) / 12:00 (EEST)

Greek Asset Owners Can Save on Energy Costs

With balancing markets opening up in Greece, demand response will become a key factor in Greece’s energy transition. By harnessing your pre-existing assets you can reduce your energy costs, at no extra investment. Learn how to harness your energy assets in this online webinar with Sympower.

Our team of experts will explain:

  • The function of demand response

  • Its role in Greece’s energy transition

  • How demand response can reduce your energy costs

  • How asset flexibility leads to increased revenue

  • The key to our greatest success stories

As the leading independent aggregator in demand response, Sympower is accelerating the energy transition across the globe. We are dedicated to creating a cleaner and more reliable energy system, together.

If you want to be a part of the energy transition, sign up today. Join us on the 24th of May at 11:00 (CET)/ 12:00 (EEST) to see how demand response can help you.

​🇬🇧​🇬🇷 This webinar will be in English. However, a Greek interpreter will be present for the entire duration.


Sympower’s success in demand response comes from our diverse team of experts. With team members all over the globe, they utilise their industry knowledge to provide customers with the innovative solutions necessary to take part in demand response. During this webinar our experts will share this knowledge, so that you can save on energy costs with no extra investment.


Commercial Manager Greece


Sales Engineer Norway


Business Developer Finland


Expansion Manager


Product Manager Greece

Sympower is a global flexibility services provider that participates in electricity networks around the world.

We serve as a demand side aggregator for ancillary services to TSOs using commercial and industrial consumers, energy asset owners and other energy stakeholders, enabling them to participate in electricity markets and generate new revenue streams.

We believe flexibility is key to powering a successful energy transition and achieving a 100% renewable energy system.

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