What do you like about your job? Sympower Finland and Sweden

We asked our team in Finland and Sweden to point out what is it about their job at Sympower that they like. Our Finnish Technical Sales Engineer, Martin Wästljung claims that what he enjoys is the opportunity at Sympower to work with a new market and an application that is still quite novel and undergoing plenty of development.

The complexity of the work is also something that is fascinating. We create solutions and things that have not necessarily been done before

Others, such as Key Account Manager Oscar Karlsson also remarks that it is the complex nature of the work that he finds fascinating as he and others at Sympower often have to create solutions to things that have not necessarily been done before.

Whereas Rosario Llenas, our Technical Sales Engineer comments that what she likes about her job is seeing that there is a genuine commitment within the people at Sympower, to make a change. This spirit resonates with her as Llenas claims that seeing that made her realise immediately that Sympower was the right place for her.

I felt like there was a genuine commitment to really make a change, I instantly knew that this was the right place.




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