Sympower’s Vendor Code of Conduct

April 2024

1. Introduction

This Vendor Code of Conduct shall be applicable to all the Vendors of Sympower B.V. and/or its affiliates (hereinafter “Sympower”).

The term “Vendor(s)” shall be understood as a company with whom Sympower has a contractual relationship with, and who is providing goods or services to Sympower.

All Sympower’s Vendors shall comply with this Vendor Code of Conduct. 


2. Working conditions and human rights

2.1 Child labour

Vendors shall not use, participate in, or benefit from child labour. Vendors shall not employ children below the minimum age of employment and shall comply with the ILO Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention. 


2.2 Minimum wage and overtime

Vendors shall pay its employees a wage, including benefits, that meets basic needs and comply with the applicable laws and/or collective agreements. 

Vendors shall ensure that normal working hours and overtime working hours are within the limits permitted by applicable laws and regulations or agreed in collective agreements.


2.3 Forced labour

Vendors shall not participate in, or benefit from any form of forced labour or compulsory labour, including forced overtime, debt bondage, human trafficking, forced prison labour, slavery or servitude.


2.4 Freedom of association

Vendors shall respect the right of its employees to freely associate, and to collective bargaining.


2.5 Safe and healthy working conditions

Vendors shall ensure a safe and healthy working environment, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the country. 


2.6 Human rights

Vendors shall respect internationally recognized human rights and shall ensure that they are not complicit in any human rights violations.


2.7 Non-discrimination

Vendors shall not practice any form of discrimination or harassment against employees, and in its hiring practices. 


3. Environmental standards

Vendors shall comply with all the applicable environmental laws and regulations in the country concerned and shall care for the environment and people. Unlawful forced evictions are not permitted.

Vendors shall have appropriate environmental procedures in place and shall continuously try to improve their environmental performance.

Vendors shall promote safe and environmentally sound sourcing, manufacturing, transport, distribution, use and disposal of their products and services. 

Vendor shall do its best to avoid and/or reduce any waste or emissions as a result of their business activities.


4. Business ethics

4.1 Business integrity

Vendors shall conduct business in compliance with all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

Vendors shall not engage in or tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, money laundering, extortion or embezzlement. There shall be no payments, services, gifts, or other advantages offered or given to any Sympower employee (or third party), which are intended to influence them, or to obtain any undue or improper advantages. 


5. Whistleblowing

Vendor is expected to instruct its directors, officers, employees and subcontractors to report suspected violations of this Vendor Code of Conduct to via the Sympower’s Whistleblowing Platform.

It is important that whistleblowers feel they can report issues without fear of dismissal, disciplinary action or retaliation of any kind. Those who report in good faith will not be charged, disciplined, threatened or discriminated against.