Sympower partners with Israeli TSO to improve the stability of Israel’s electricity grid and help reduce CO2 emissions

As a leading independent flexibility services provider, we are excited to announce our partnership with Israel’s Independent System Operator (ISO) – Noga to provide electricity reserves for the country’s energy market. 

The pilot project will use our flexibility platform, designed to help system operators stabilise electricity networks during times of peak demand. This is achieved by optimising the inherent flexibility of electrical assets and processes from energy-intensive commercial and industrial customers.

Several leading Israeli businesses will take part in the pilot scheme, including Strauss, ICL, Cocal Cola, and Isrotel (Hotel Chain). Participating customers will agree to shift or temporarily suspend energy-intensive operations for short periods when the grid is under stress or when electricity is in high demand. Electricity savings generated in this way can be used by Noga to provide greater stability for balancing energy supplies during periods of peak demand.  

The pilot will also demonstrate how Israel could potentially cut thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions by reducing the country’s reliance on polluting fossil fuel-powered generation plants which are traditionally used to smooth out frequency fluctuations and grid imbalances (peaker plants).  

This joint project with Noga is an important step forwards in Israel’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to zero by 2050. This target was announced recently by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett during COP26 in Glasgow, following his commitment to developing clean energy technologies.  

Commenting on the new partnership, Sympower’s Nir Gordon, Business Development Manager, Israel said:

“Our mission is to accelerate the global transition towards ‘net zero’ and provide countries, such as Israel, with access to innovative technologies that will help build smarter and cleaner renewable energy systems. Our entry into the Israeli energy market will enable greater renewable energy integration, further reduce carbon emissions and help create a more efficient and sustainable energy sector.”

Liav Harel, Sympower Israel Country Manager, added:

“The Israeli electricity market has undergone significant development in recent years as it moves towards greater integration of renewable energy resources. Sympower’s technical services and demand side management operations will enable Israel to maximize its reliance on solar PV generation, while relying less on traditional fossil fuel resources. We hope this initial pilot with Noga will be the starting point in Israel as we venture forward towards a more sustainable future in which all stakeholders, including customers, regulators and entrepreneurs, can participate in creating a greener and more resilient power system.”


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