After being included in the Global Cleantech 100 Ones to WatchWattisduurzaam’s Top 5 One’s to Watch list for energy transition, and our very own CEO Simon Bushell having been named a Forbes 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur, Sympower is now proud to be a part of the InsightsSuccess magazine’s The 10 Best-In-Class SMART GRID Tech Solution Providers list.

Sympower was added to the list because of the role our solution plays in creating a smarter and cleaner electricity system, working for the national and local grids in a smarter way. As InsightsSuccess states, the growing pollution from non-renewable resources make smart grid engineering the key for a beneficial use of widespread energy resources.


Sympower enables electricity endusers to make a significant contribution towards building a clean energy system by optimising their energy consumption. Our smart software connects appliances such as electric heating and cooling systems to an online platform that balances the supply and demand of electricity in real-time. Online systems monitor physical processes on site and adjust consumption and production of the connected appliances while minimising the disturbance caused to the processes, making the end-user’s industrial, commercial and residential systems a part of the solution.


Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators purchase balancing services and congestion management solutions from Sympower. These grid operators have highly technical demands and qualification requirements that Sympower is able to fulfill across multiple markets and geographies. Sympower shares revenues generated from the balancing services with the appliance owners, paying them for the capacity they have contributed to the platform and for their role in creating a cleaner and more sustainable energy system.


InsightsSuccess is an online and print business magazine, “where C-Level professionals, business men and women, and entrepreneurs and startups can express theirthoughts, strategies, technological solutions & practices”.

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