Demand Response for BESS in Finland’s First Scale Solar Park.

Combining solar power with Demand Response – Sympower’ collaboration with Solarigo in Nurmo.


Solarigo Systems built Finland’s first large-scale solar park in 2019 at Nurman Aurinko, located on the roof of and near one of Finland’s largest food producers, Atria. The facility of Atria is located in the South-West of Finland. The solar farm consists of 24,000 solar panels and generates approximately 5,600 MWh of electricity per year. The green power generated by these solar panels will be used for energy-intensive food cooling processes during food production.


Solarigo Systems is a company that builds solar power plants in different locations. Solarigo makes sure that the solar panels do not disturb the surroundings by focusing on building on so-called ‘dead space’. For example, commercial roof spaces are used to place the panels. Solarigo Systems is working towards a renewable, emission-free, and local electricity system with the renewable energy generated by the parks.


Moreover, at the Nurman Auriko site, they have further optimised energy generation and consumption by installing a battery supplied by Alfen. This 1MW battery is called ‘The Battery’ and is used to make the solar farm more efficient. This energy storage system is connected to the Sympower Platform to unlock the flexibility and optimise the (financial) return of the project by participating in the FCR-N market to support the Finnish electricity grid. That means, Sympower ensures that the battery is charged and discharged at the best times regarding energy demand. As a reward for providing this service, the Finnish grid operator pays a fee for the available capacity to help balance the grid. This revenue is for the availability of flexible battery capacity.

Solarigo is happy to share that our collaboration with Sympower has been working smoothly. 


Antti Koskelainen
CEO Solarigo Systems Oy

This innovative and efficient way of operating the large-scale solar farm protects the grid against disturbances and optimises the revenues from solar energy production.

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