Solar Flex

Create your own smart assets to unlock flexibility for extra revenues

Turn your solar panels into smart assets

Maximize solar power production revenues by turning your solar panels into smart assets which you can control, steer and curtail. 

By connecting your solar panels to the Sympower Platform you optimize the financial outcome of your solar park production.

The unexpected extra solar production is clearly visible between 12:00 and 13:00.
The mismatch between forecast and actual solar production triggered negative prices for the power generating installations.

Maximize solar power production revenues

The growth of solar power generation capacity is good for the energy transition. However, the steep growth outpaces the available grid capacity and power consumption during peak production resulting in:

  • Negative day ahead prices for power production
  • Suddenly very high negative imbalance prices for power production
  • Congestion management limitations
  • Solar park development restrictions
  • More risks in the Return-on-Investment in solar parks

Turning your solar panels into flexible assets with active steering options mitigate financial risks and prepare your solar business for the near future.

Sympower solution is helping us to have a more flexible and responsive solar park and generate additional revenues

Kees Spijker

Solar Flex is interesting for

  • Solar park developers
  • Solar park operators
  • Sourcing parties with solar portfolio’s
  • Grid operators
  • Energy managers
  • Facility managers
  • Energy advisors
  • Commercial managers
  • 100% independent flex provider
  • Simple to connect your assets to our platform
  • Work with local teams for the best flex support
  • No upfront costs or impact on ongoing operations

5 reasons for powering flexibility

  • Generate extra revenues in different markets
  • Reduce your CO2-footprint
  • Lower your total energy costs
  • Optimize your business processes
  • Improve your energy management

How we’ve helped others

Customer success story

Solarigo combines solar power with demand response

Nurmon Aurinko is a modern site combining industrial consumption with solar power and demand response. With demand response they are participating in grid balancing

Solar curtailment is becoming crucial for optimizing solar production revenues

Edo Vos

Sales Engineer