SIGGPAC Greenhouses


Over 30 years of experience in growing cucumbers culminates in today’s SIGGPAC. Since 2007 SIGGPAC has been growing every other year up until around 12,5 hectares today. The family business employs around 200 people and produces around 300,000 cucumbers every day. SIGGPAC has been participating in Fingrid ́s reserve markets through Sympower since the spring of 2019 by using their greenhouse lighting as a flexible asset.


Balancing the Finnish electricity grid

The rise of renewable energy production as the generation sources for electricity creates a risk of grid instability. As a result, there is a need for flexible assets that can help balance the grid and prevent blackouts. Through collaboration with Sympower, SIGGPAC is able to unlock the flexibility of the lighting systems in their greenhouses to help balance the electricity grid. By doing this, they assure lower carbon emissions that would be used to balance the grid. As compensation SIGGPAC receives revenue from Sympower.

“With the expertise of Sympower the benefits concerning the demand response became visible for Siggpac and the decision to participate in the markets via Sympower was easy to make.”

Second-generation farmer Niclas Sigg

Lighting as a Flex-Asset

Lighting systems, such as HPS and LED lights, are an excellent asset that can produce extra revenue for your business. Reserve activations are short enough that, for example, growing cycles are not affected

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Martin Wästljung

Sales Engineer