Recycling Paper Mill On the Road to Renewable Energy

DJP-De Hoop is leading the change in sustainable systems. As a sustainable paper mill, they are using over 400,000 tonnes of paper fibre in their production process. Every year they produce 380,000 tonnes of sustainable packaging material for their European customers. This means their production is 100% circular. At the core of their business, DJP is dedicated to improved sustainability. 

Alex Zweekhorst, the Head of Heat and Energy at DJP, has been with the company for 24 years. Over this time, he’s been able to see the industry grow and mature. He said,

“Paper production is interesting because there is a stark shortage of it. But paper fibre is quickly becoming the highest recyclable here in the Netherlands. What we do here at DJP will be the future of paper.”



But recycling isn’t easy. They’re producing 100 tonnes of steam per hour in order to complete the drying process. They do this by generating their own electricity to help fuel their systems. This is in an effort to meet their own sustainable goals. But if they’re producing all their own electricity, what is Sympower’s role in all this?

Currently, DJP is contributing 14.5MW of flexibility to Sympower’s platform. They do this by periodically consuming more energy through their e-boilers. Rather than consuming less energy like other customers may, they’ve decided to take part in the local mFRRda-down market. Now they can manually control how and when they consume energy from the grid. When it happens, Alex says,

“We’re notified of the activation, then we activate our assets within 5 to 10 minutes. We can use our entire installation to contribute to the process. But we can also play around with it. We might turn down our steam turbines, and turn on our e-boilers.”



Once activated, Sympower will maximise the value of the energy they’re contributing. This ensures that they can benefit as much as possible from taking part in our demand response services, even if it means using more energy. 

While they’re saving money by consuming more energy, that isn’t their main priority. It’s still cheaper for DJP to generate their own energy. But by working with Sympower, they are on their way to exceeding their sustainability goals.



At their core, DJP’s actions all aim towards sustainable change. That starts with their product, but ends in their energy use. Their goal is to have a minimal impact on people and the environment. Now they’re focused on reducing their CO2 emissions, and minimising their energy and water use. 

By working with Sympower, they are one step closer to these goals. Not only by making themselves a more sustainable business, but by helping create a more sustainable energy system

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