Power Flex

Making your existing assets smart to unlock flexibility for extra revenues

Profit from the balancing markets

With Power Flex you tap into a new source of revenue by participating in different balancing markets like FCR, aFRR and mFRR.

By connecting your assets to the Sympower Platform you unlock your flexibility in your business processes by making your existing assets smart.

Your balancing market options

There are three types of balancing markets that can have different names per country but work in principle the same.

  • Primary Reserve Market or FCR
  • Secondary Reserve Market or aFRR
  • Tertiary Reserve Market or mFRR

We increased our annual profits by 8% with Sympower

Börje Ivars, Owner, Bigro Ab 

How to start to participate in balancing markets?

After performing the flex scan, we connect you to the Sympower Platform. Your assets become part of the flexibility mix in different balancing pools. Based on your availability, asset, criteria and capacity you are activated when the grid operator needs your flexibility to balance the grid.

Power Flex is interesting for

  • Energy Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • EV Fleet Managers
  • Energy Advisor
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Business Development
  • Managing Director
  • 100% independent flex provider
  • Simple to connect your assets to our platform
  • Work with local teams for the best flex support
  • No upfront costs or impact on ongoing operations

5 reasons for powering flexibility

  • Generate extra revenues in different markets
  • Reduce your CO2-footprint
  • Lower your total energy costs
  • Optimize your business processes
  • Improve your energy management

How we’ve helped others

Customer success story

FCR became a sustainable win-win for the Boden Technologies data center

Hive’s facility in Boden is the first cryptocurrency mine in Sweden to participate in frequency regulation.

Find the balancing market that unlocks the value of your flexibility

Martin Wästljung

Sales Engineer