Phoebus and Sympower collaborating to reduce demand peaks in Israel.

Israel has recently lifted its 2030 national renewable energy target from 17% to 30%. How are Sympower and PHOEBUS ENERGY supporting the Israeli grid in achieving this ambitious target?

PHOEBUS ENERGY’s smart water heating solutions will be connected to our unique flexibility interface, which will allow to turn it off during demand peaks in Israel. Due to the variable nature of renewable energy sources such as solar, reducing demand peaks is essential to make more space for a growing share of these renewables in the energy mix – we are excited to play an important role in this!


Our partner PHOEBUS ENERGY is a leading global cleantech company in the field of water heating and cooling for large commercial facilities. The company has developed a patented energy-saving solution that works with existing systems to boost energy efficiency while dramatically reducing emissions and energy costs. Find out more about PHOEBUS ENERGY on their official website.


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