Optimizing the business case for a 1MW battery

Nurmon Aurinko, Solardigo and Sympower working together to unlock flexibility

Sympower collaborates with Solarigo in Nurmo. Solarigo is a company building solar power plants for companies. At the Nurmon Aurinko site, they have built Finland’s first large scale solar power project on the roof and in the immediate surroundings of Atria, one of the biggest food producers in Finland with a 1MW battery.

Nurmon Aurinko and Sympower are using Alfen’s Energy storage system “TheBattery” to provide stability and flexibility to Fingrid Oyj. The energy storage system is connected to the Sympower Platform to unlock the flexibility and optimise the (financial) output of the project by participating in the FCR-N market to support Finnish electricity grid.

Solarigo is happy to share that our collaboration with Sympower has been working fine

Antti Koskelainen
CEO Solarigo Systems Oy

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Jarmo Saari

Technology Manager