Together, towards a smarter energy future.

Our mission

To enable a fully renewable energy system by optimising our customers’ energy strategies using the flexibility of their assets and processes.

Our values

Achieving together

We represent a variety of cultures, speak different languages and work remotely and in person. With our growing international presence, we create meaningful relationships to the benefit of our clients and partners, enabling a sustainable world.

Acting responsibly

Everything we do, we do with honesty and integrity, always with the environment in mind. Our teams take ownership and responsibility for their work, reflecting the entrepreneurial culture embedded within Sympower.

Focusing on impact

As an independent company, Sympower’s outreach extends beyond borders. We make a big impact by providing energy solutions that have an immediate effect on our clients, partners and the environment.

Sympower is part of the B Corp community

Using business as a force for good

We are proud to be a certified B Corp. The B Corp label certifies that a business meets very high standards for social and environmental performance.

Certified B Corps are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. We were born with the mission to help accelerate the energy transition. As a company that is striving to make a positive impact in as broad a way as possible, we are very proud to join the B Corp directory.

Being a B Corp helps us protect our mission and gives us guidance to make further improvements across all multiple areas. We have specifically chosen the B Corp certification for its holistic nature, as it is not focused exclusively on a single social or environmental issue.

We are currently certifying with 84.5 points (more information here in the B Corp directory) and are already working hard to score higher during the recertification in a few years.

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Amid the climate crisis, carbon removal has been a topic of discussion for the past years. At Sympower, we are strongly driven by the vision of a sustainable world and, as part of this vision, are actively involved in removing our operational carbon emissions.

Sympower is actively making the energy transition possible. As a flexibility provider, we gather and connect electrical assets, which allows us to unlock their inherent flexibility. With that, we create extra revenue streams for our customers, balance the power grid, and make space for more renewables to enter the market. In 2021 alone, we directly prevented the emissions of 29.000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere (avoided because of large, fossil-fuel power plants not having to provide flexible capacity to the grid), as well as preventing further CO2 emissions by facilitating the integration of more renewables into the energy system, promoting energy efficiency, and helping decrease reliance on fossil fuels. 

While our services enable significant CO2 emission savings, we are aware of the operational emissions that we generate as a company that, although significantly smaller than the emissions we help save, we do not ignore. Recognising that every effort matters and the urgency of the climate crisis, we find it essential to calculate our CO2 emissions to become conscious of their main contributors, to help us decrease them over time, and remove the remaining ones. 

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