Sympower collaborated with LeasePlan to provide smart charging services

In the Netherlands Sympower controls and monitors charging points for electric vehicles via a software platform, jointly developed with international leasing company LeasePlan. Using Sympower’s machine learning for forecasting, bidding and control, LeasePlan performs optimisation on both energy markets and reserve markets, This collaboration is currently live with over a 200 cars in the Netherlands with a target of 10,000+ cars in 3 countries by 2021. Connection of charging pole via operator (standardised interface) with day-ahead market participation.

The collaboration with Sympower enables LeasePlan to charge their electric vehicles when energy from sustainable sources such as wind and solar is abundant. In this way, customers of LeasePlan contribute to lower carbon emissions when using our mobility solutions

Pieter Willems, LeasePlan Energy

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Charge Flex

Create extra value for electric fleets by optimization via energy and reserve markets

Guaranteeing EV availability with the best flex charge strategy

Edo Vos

Sales Engineer