Investing in Greener Growth with Peter Nillesen From GETEC.Park

At Sympower, we pride ourselves on our customers. Connecting with passionate people and businesses is how we make a difference. Our customer over at GETEC.Park represents this in everything that they do.

Much like Sympower, they are dedicated to helping their customers through the energy transition and towards a sustainable future. We wanted to know how GETEC was doing this, and how Sympower was helping them along the way. So, we talked to Peter Nillesen, the operational manager at the park. 


GETEC.Park Emmen, demonstration of the resources


As the operational manager, Peter oversees all the utilities at the park. Having been with GETEC for over 20 years, his experience with energy systems is unrivalled. As he showed us around the facilities, Peter said their goal is to help their customers carefully use their resources to create a sustainable and efficient energy solutions.  But many of these sustainable goals require long term planning. 

“We’re going with the flow. We’re in the energy transition at the moment, and that requires long-term investments” – Peter Nillesen


GETEC.Park Emmen, demonstration of the resources


Recently, GETEC installed over 22,000 solar panels at the park. This is producing over 5MW of power during their sunniest days. If 22,000 solar panels sounds like a lot, it’s all going towards GETEC’s long term goals of serving their customers and the wider community.

As Peter explained to us, their long term goal is to be a dumping ground for electricity. Currently, they use all the energy that they generate through their own systems. But their ambition is to have the capacity for 20 to 30 MW of power to be dumped all at once. With their own internal grid, this could be a real possibility for them in the near future.


GETEC.Park Emmen, demonstration of the resources


At Sympower, we manage the electricity consumption of GETEC’s combined heat power (CHP) gas turbines. We do this to create a more balanced grid for the rest of the country. By allowing us temporary control of their systems, we can ensure a stable grid across the Dutch network. 

How does this work? Peter simply decides what times suit them, and our automated platform does the rest. 

“All we have to do is click a button and Sympower can manage our systems. Then 2 MW of power will be immediately shut off. It’s as simple as that. All within a minute, and demand response is in action.” – Peter Nillesen

If the energy to the gas turbines can’t be turned off immediately, Peter lets Edo, our sales engineer know, and we leave them untouched! It’s a flexible system that prioritises the needs of GETEC. Because of this, GETEC is saving approximately €10,000 per month just from those 2MW of flexibility.




“No one should be in a strangling contract. What I like about Sympower is their flexible attitude. There’s always an option to meet your company’s needs and wants. Sympower listens, and they respond.” – Peter Nillesen

At Sympower, we want to continue supporting innovative changers like Peter and the rest of the GETEC team. As they explore the possibilities of battery energy storage systems, we want to support them through the energy transition. Efforts like these, create the change in our energy systems needed for impactful change.


To see more from GETEC.Park, see here:


Peter Nillesen of GETEC.Park



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