International Expansion for Sympower – Pioneering Demand Response in Israel


Sympower was selected by the Israeli Ministry of Energy to lead and demonstrate the implementation of demand response (DR) and grid balancing services in Israel. Through this project (launched in January 2019), Sympower is helping shape the electricity market of the future, including investigating the necessary changes to regulations and infrastructure to enable DR services in Israel.

A first-of-its-kind partnership has been formed with the Ministry of Energy, the Public Utility Authority (which regulates the electricity market) and the newly founded independent system operator. Thanks to the efforts of Sympower’s Project Development Manager, Liav Harel, the Ministry of Energy sent out a Request for Proposal in August 2018 and Sympower was subsequently selected to advance DR services in Israel.


Expanding services to the Israeli market aligns with Sympower’s vision and mission – to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-free future by solving the challenge of balancing the grid in a sustainable energy system. Israel has committed to significantly increase the portion of renewables from the current ~2% to 10% by 2020 and at least 17% by 2030, and to cut emissions by 25% by 2030 – meeting these ambitious goals further exacerbate the need for flexible resources on the grid.


In light of the challenges lying ahead, Sympower is investing significantly in Israel by leading a demonstration project for demand response aggregation together with the key market players mentioned above and is now growing the team in Tel Aviv to support the commercial market entry and continue to establish a name in the industry. Sympower was invited to speak at the Israeli Public Utility Authority’s annual convention on July 16th 2019 to share the learnings from our operations in Europe and highlight the possibilities for DR in the future market model. You can read more about the event in the summary news item.


“The Israeli electricity market has started making concrete and vital steps to reach its 2030 greenhouse gas reduction goals, but has still not implemented solutions for one of the greatest challenges: balancing the grid in a sustainable and economical way”

Liav Harel, the Project Development Manager for Sympower

“If Israel is to meet the target of at least 17% renewables in the generation mix by 2030, affordable and green solutions need to be implemented to tackle this challenge, and these efforts need to start today. Sympower is delighted to be developing a demand response market alongside key stakeholders which will provide the Israeli grid with clean and affordable flexibility resources that benefit all parties and above all, will benefit the environment.”

Liav Harel, the Project Development Manager for Sympower


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