Dutch Living Lab Is Living Proof of Demand Response Success.

Project demonstrating how flexibility can help with congestion management.

Sympower participated in the Interflex project which includes EV charging points, a neighbourhood battery and a local auction to prevent overloading on the electricity network. This ‘living lab’ at Strijp-S, the former business park in Eindhoven, tests the energy system of the future. Interflex is an European project, part of the Horizon 2020, the biggest European research and innovation program.


Interflex project team


The InterFlex project in the Netherlands is being carried out at Strijp-S, a neighborhood in Eindhoven. This is a sub-project of the European InterFlex project, which is led by Enexis. The focus of the Dutch pilot lies mainly on flexibility from battery storage and electric vehicles charging in combination with a trade system based on flexibility of energy flows. The project is carried out by Enexis, Elaad, TNO and subcontractors Jedlix, Sympower and Croonwolter & Dros.


interflex Strijp S, Eindhoven

“With the increasing growth of electric transport, the burden on the electricity network is increasing. By allowing all parties to work together here, a unique situation arises that we will benefit greatly from. Interflex is really taking a step towards the energy system of the future!”


Ton van Cuijk, Enexis


Created revenues

Consumers receive financial compensation when they are flexible in charging their electric car. Enexis Netbeheer can therefore significantly reduce the peak on the electricity grid.


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