How is the work-life balance in Sympower?

How is the work-life balance in Sympower?

We asked our team at Sympower Sweden to tell us about how the work-life balance within Sympower is like for them.

Anders Tonhammar Lööf, Sympower’s Team Sales Lead -who is also a dad with two kids at home- commented that for him the work-life balance at Sympower has been really good. Lööf said that the flexible nature within Sympower has proven helpful especially for a parent like himself. Lööf recalls instances when he would have to drop everything to quickly stop by the kindergarten to briefly take care of his children, and so appreciates the understanding within Sympower to do so. 

It’s really nice to have this opportunity to decide where do you want to live, and also to work from 

Others, like Technical Sales Engineer, Rosario Llenas also expressed her fondness for the flexibility within Sympower to work remotely, as it opens the possibility of not only  working from home but also perhaps from abroad. 

Similarly, Martin Wästljung, also a Sales Engineer at Sympower, mentioned how the choice to work from home in Sympower has enabled him to spend more time with friends and family. 

I really appreciate not having to go to an office every day and being able to spend more time with friends, family and my wife.  



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