How is a typical day at Sympower? Sympower Estonia

How does a typical day look like for the Sympower Estonia team?

We asked our team in Estonia to run us through a typical day of working at Sympower. Sympower’s Head of Engineering, Alar Aun,  describes his days as often starting with a series of routines such as morning stand ups, ideas gathering and sharing the progress that has been made prior to the meeting.  

We start with our morning stand ups, and ideas gathering. 


Others, like our software developers Steve Mägi and Lilia Namsing also shared some remarks on what a typical day is like at Sympower. Mägi mentions the flexible nature of working at Sympower as he always feel like he could take a break if needed. Being flexible at Sympower also means giving the choice for team members to work from home. Liilia Namsing, however, comments that when the team do gather at the office, they always look forward to have a good lunch together. 

Another software developer, Jaakob Juurik sums up his experience by concluding hat working at Sympower has simply been very enjoyable for him.

It’s quite fun working here at Sympower. It’s very enjoyable. 



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