Participating in the mFFRda market with a gas turbine

Industry & Business park GETEC PARK.EMMEN have unlocked the flexibility of their gasturbine. With the electrical load generated by this gas turbine, GETEC PARK.EMMEN participates in the manual Frequency Restoration Reserve (mFRRda) market. Through collaboration with Sympower, the Industry & Business park can unlock its flexible load. By participating in the mFRRda market, the park receives a constant availability fee which generates a revenue stream. The actual activation of an asset in the mFFRda market occurs rarely. By offering flexibility to the mFRRda market GETEC PARK.EMMEN helps to balance the grid and decrease carbon emissions at a national level in the Netherlands.

“Sympower thinks along with the customer and can easily switch if the customer’s business situation changes. The communication is direct and therefore pleasant if you are a customer.”

Peter Nillesen
Manager Utility Bedrijfsvoering

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Martin Wästljung

Sales Engineer