Sympower Proves Viability of Demand Response for Dutch DSO.

Sympower demonstrated that distributed flexibility can have a vital role when it comes to solving congestion problems.



In collaboration with Dutch DSO Alliander, Sympower successfully completed the project ‘Energie Koplopers’. The aim of this project was to build an autonomous mechanism including forecasting, trading, steering platform that controls over a hundred households as a distributed flexibility asset. Furthermore in this project Sympower developed algorithms to forecast net consumption of residential prosumers.


“We believe that there is potential for a congestion market for grid operators and that a universal communication protocol is needed to make it international and scalable.”


Olivia Sicurani


Sympower is dedicated to creating a fully renewable energy system. We are the energy experts with years of experience in demand response and flexibility optimisation. Our goal is to turn the potential of your energy assets into extra revenue for you. We provide the technical expertise, all while you stay in control.


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