Connect, unlock and start generating ‘green’ revenues with flexibility


Powering Flexibility to make a difference


The transition of the global energy landscape is accelerating. The shift towards a carbon-free future not only requires us to adopt renewables, it requires us to use and control this power in a smarter way. We believe powering flexibility is key for a successful energy transition.



Because the grid needs Flexibility


The growth of renewable energy is overtaking the power production of old fossil fuel power generation plants. Because of this the traditional predictability and stability of the grid, driven by CO2 emission power generation, is no longer. Increasingly grid operators, power producers and consumers are struggling with the imbalance between power production and consumption. Finding a solution for managing the imbalance is crucial to prevent blackouts causing enormous damage.


And the energy system needs your help


Traditional investments in increased transmission capacity, controllable fossil fuel plans leading to higher distribution costs are no longer the sole solution for coping with the increasing volatility of both demand and supply. Luckily, there is a low cost and proven solution, powering flexibility.


With powering flexibility


For powering flexibility, Sympower is looking for assets and processes that can react slowly, quickly, dynamically, statically, locally and have options to activate flexibility very briefly or for a long time. Different type of assets like compressors, heat pumps, CHP’s, HVAC, electric vehicles, batteries, solar panels, windmills and lighting have different type of flexibility based on their function and performance. They all have a role to play. Join the pool of flexibility, help the energy system, and start generating extra revenues at the same time.


That is when Sympower gets in


Sympower is a Flex provider and aggregates flexibility. Sympower knows in which markets the flexibility of the assets generate the most value. Experts identify the value and unlock the flexibility in assets and processes for its customers by connecting the assets to the Sympower Platform. It enables users to stay in control 24/7 while Sympower ensures an easy and optimal participation in flexibility programs.


Accelerating the adoption of Demand Response in European markets

Accelerating the adoption of Demand Response
in European markets

Accelerating the adoption of Demand Response in European markets Our partnership with innovative Finnish retailer Väre     Flexibility is a crucial component of a sustainable energy system, as it temporarily adjusts power generation and consumption based on...