Sympower Named Climate Solver by World Wildlife Fund

Sympower Named Climate Solver by World Wildlife Fund

May 17, 2017

A prestigious award by the World Wildlife Fund

A total of six Nordic companies were given the Climate Solver title given out by the World Wildlife Fund mid May in Helsinki. SympowerEnergyNestSwedish Algae FactoryFormconsultScandinavian Water Technology and Greater Than were part of the opening ceremony of the 2017 Cleantech Forum Europe. The companies were given the opportunity to present their contributions towards a cleaner climate in the Nordics to a global audience. WWF Climate Solver states that “Once again this selection shows us upfront that climate change is everyone’s business.”

Climate change is everyone’s business

“Sympower was founded to help build a carbon-free future. The opportunity for business in decarbonising the electricity sector is enormous. The recognition from WWF helps raise awareness and draws attention to our core mission of helping avoid dangerous climate change.” – Georg Rute, Sympower co-founder

The difficulty of balancing the supply and demand of electricity is one of the biggest obstacles to a carbon-free future. To reduce dependence on fossil fuel plants, it’s essential to balance the electricity system on the demand side—to be smart about our energy usage. That’s where Sympower comes in. By enabling grid operators to take flexible demand into account, Sympower’s platform can prevent the building of diesel-powered peaking plants and facilitate shutting down inefficient coal plants entirely. Fossil fuel plants operate more efficiently if there is more flexibility in the market, reducing CO₂ immensely.

Working on a carbon-free future

Sympower helps keep the electricity system in balance by adjusting the behaviour of large numbers of electric heating, air conditioning, hot water appliances, lighting, ventilation systems, among others. The service, run from a cloud-based software platform, integrates seamlessly with the operation of the (smart) appliances and systems. Households and businesses using the Sympower system are unaffected by the temporary adjustments made to their energy consumption as the system operates in the background and is only occasionally deployed. Sympower compensates the appliance/system owners for their contribution to balancing and improving the electricity system.

Read the full English article on the WWF Climate Solver webpage. ( FINNISH | SWEDISH | NORWEGIAN )
Georg Rute, second to left, holding the award Image credit: Climate Solver