Charge Flex

Create your own smart assets to unlock flexibility for extra revenues

High availability with flexible charging strategies

The mobility transition is about creating sustainable modes of transportations. A driver for success for the growing fleet of electric vehicles is its availability and flexible charging strategies.

Connecting the charge poles to our platform allows your electric fleet to charge against low costs and create extra revenues by using flexibility.

Flex Charge solutions for B2C and B2B

The extra value by changing the charging pattern can be detracted from the energy market by using the spot and balancing market. Flex charge is developed for lease companies with a growing e-car fleet, Charging Infrastructure Providers and Public Transport Operators.

Based on your availability, asset criteria and capacity, we develop an optimal charging strategy to continuously improve. Our Flex Charge solution has two options:

  • Flex Charge B2C – electric passenger cars
  • Flex Charge B2B – e-buses, e-trucks and depot charging

In this way, customers contribute to lower carbon emissions when using our mobility solutions

Pieter Willems, LeasePlan Energy

Charge flex is interesting for

  • EV Fleet Managers
  • Energy Advisor
  • Procurement Manager
  • EV-Business Development
  • Operation Manager
  • Business Development
  • Commercial Manager

  • 100% independent flex provider
  • Simple to connect your assets to our platform
  • Work with local teams for the best flex support
  • No upfront costs or impact on ongoing operations.

5 reasons for powering flexibility

  • Generate extra revenues in different markets
  • Reduce your CO2-footprint
  • Lower your total energy costs
  • Optimize your business processes
  • Improve your energy management

How we’ve helped others

Customer Success story

Market leader Lease Plan is using our smart charging services

In the Netherlands Sympower controls and monitors charging points for electric vehicles via a software platform, jointly developed with international leasing company LeasePlan.

Guaranteeing EV availability with the best flex charge strategy

Edo Vos

Sales Engineer