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Sympower continues to help stabilise Finnish electricity grid

‍MIKKELI, FINLAND – When energy production is handled by a greater share of renewables, there is a rising demand for grid balancing services as low-inertia power systems and production are harder to forecast and keep stable. Sympower, the flexibility specialist, is providing grid balancing services to help keep the Finnish electricity grid frequency stable at 50Hz. Sympower…

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4 founders explain the biggest hurdles to flattening the climate curve in 2021

The Next Web In this read from The Next Web our founder and CEO Simon, as well as the founders of Lightyear (long-range solar electric cars), Excess Materials Exchange (an exchange site for excess materials) and Hardt Hyperloop (high-speed transportation), explain the four biggest hurdles to flattening the climate curve in 2021. The biggest hurdles…

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Connect, unlock and start generating ‘green’ revenues with flexibility

Powering Flexibility to make a difference TThe transition of the global energy landscape is accelerating. The shift towards a carbon-free future not only requires us to adopt renewables, it requires us to use and control this power in a smarter way. We believe powering flexibility is key for a successful energy transition. Because the grid…