Boden Technologies Data Center

A sustainable win-win

With Sympower, FCR became a sustainable win-win for the Boden Technologies data center

About Boden Technologies

The 115,000 computers in Boden’s old helicopter hangar break the cryptocurrency ether. To break cryptocurrency, good access to electricity is required. At most, the operations in Boden need a total capacity of 20.4 MW. But for the sake of the electricity network, the computers’ electricity use can sometimes be reduced. In this way, the cryptocurrency mine has been helping to regulate the frequency in the electricity grid. Hive’s facility in Boden is the first cryptocurrency mine in Sweden to participate in frequency regulation.

“When we were listed on the stock exchange three years ago, we had a grand vision of a sustainable strategy. Now we make it a reality. We act instead of just talking.”

Tobias Ebel
Hive Blockchain Technologies

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