Battery Flex

Create your own smart assets to unlock flexibility for extra revenues

Unlock the ultimate flexibility

With Battery Flex you integrate batteries in your business’s energy-management strategy to optimize your battery business case.

By connecting your battery to the Sympower Platform you unlock the ultimate flexibility and start generating revenues by participating in different energy markets simultaneously.

Use the max of your flexibility

Day-Ahead, intraday and imbalance steering are the standard ‘markets’ for battery business operations. With more battery capacity coming online adding balancing markets to your optimisation strategy is key for generating higher revenues and thus improving the battery business case.

Adding balancing markets to your strategy made the difference for our business case

Battery Flex is interesting for

  • Energy Storage Manager
  • Battery Manager
  • Energy Advisor
  • Operation Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Business Development

  • 100% independent flex provider
  • Simple to connect your assets to our platform
  • Work with local teams for the best flex support
  • No upfront costs or impact on ongoing operations

5 reasons for powering flexibility

  • Generate extra revenues in different markets
  • Reduce your CO2-footprint
  • Lower your total energy costs
  • Optimize your business processes
  • Improve your energy management

How we’ve helped others

Customer Success story

Optimizing the business case for a 1 1MW battery

Nurmon Aurinko unlocks the flexibility of a 1 MW battery via the Sympower Platform. The battery energy storage system provides stability and flexibility to Fingrid Oyj (TSO). It is also the first large scale, solar energy project in Finland

Improve your battery business case with flexibility

Jarmo Saari

Sales Engineer