Product & Services

A platform designed to unlock flexibility

Extra revenues with flexibility

The Sympower Platform is built to unlock any type of electric asset and use them optimally in flexibility programs enabling a 100% renewable energy system.

We work with processes and assets from steel smelting to solar panels, electric vehicles to paper production, sharing the value created with the asset and process owners.

Making flexibility easy

The Sympower Platform is designed to facilitate the participation of any electric asset. It enables users to stay in control 24/7 while Sympower ensures an easy and optimal participation in flexibility programs

Connecting flexibility

Any type of assets or operating system can easily connect to Sympower’s platform: via a cloud-to-cloud API, via a modbus interface or via our own hardware installation.

Managing & optimising flexibility

Every customer has a company account to manage the participation of its assets in flexibility programs (availability, capacity, pricing). Based on this input, the Sympower Platform will define the optimal flexibility strategy to maximise the revenues of participating assets.

Build to cross borders

A sustainable energy system does not stop at borders. The Sympower Platform has been designed to scale easily to new countries and markets with the goal of making any electricity consuming and producing device connected, smart and flexible, and to use this flexibility to support an increasingly volatile electricity system